You would never think people would do the things they do But it comes to show if you really now someone

The things that happen and the things people do go so much deeper than the outward appearance that we see

Can you believe who someone says they truly are?

Can you believe the words when someone says they love you?

Can you believe the hatred people have for one another?

Can you believe that people actually murder people?

Can you believe the pain that people go through?

Can you believe that people commit suicide over things so insignificant?

Can you believe that people worry so much about the little things?

Can you believe it. Well I can, sometimes it’s the ones you would never thought it would be.

You cant believe everything that people say or that you see or hear because it may not be true.

That’s what life does to you. 

It throws you a curve ball and it’s something you can either deal with or give up on.

You have to have confidence. You have to believe in yourself. Time is not measured by how long you want it to be. It’s today or tomorrow but who even knows if tomorrow will come.